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rest & relax

The old sandstone milking parlour was recently converted into four luxurious self-catering units. It has spectacular views of the lavish green gardens and offers hiking trails with breath-taking scenery and views of the valley. It features individual braai's, covered parking and much more!



Goat's cheese. Soft and fresh, aged and stinky, we love them all.  The ancient tradition of making cheese is such a humble and wonderful way of preserving the goodness of milk.  All our cheeses are made with 100% goats milk. 




qualite awards

17 april 2018

Almost a month ago we had the privilege to attend the SA National Dairy Championships in Cape Town.  We were extremely honored to receive SA Champoin as well as Qualite status for our Vliedermaus cheese.  

"A Qualité Award is a symbol of outstanding quality for dairy products and is only awarded to South African Dairy Champions, which have obtained a specific minimum point on the international scorecard (86,5%). The first objective is to reward manufacturers who have achieved outstanding quality in their products and secondly to make these products recognizable to the client in the trade.  Only a very limited number of products obtain this prestigious award during the annual South African Dairy Championships," - cheesesa.co.za

Under the category soft and semi-soft goat's cheese – with condiments Vliedermaus was awarded 1st prize and Knoppies 2nd prize.  Last but not least our Camembert was awarded 3rd place for goat's milk Brie/Camembert.  



19 december 2018

Baris Monger is OPEN.

Visit us Monday-Saturday from 10:00 - 15:30.

Closed on Sundays

For more information contact:

Estee: 073 048 5785 or estee@barischeese.com

If you didn’t know…we established a tasting room on the farm in order to showcase or delicious cheese. The deli-esque monger offers cheese tastings, platters, cheese and wine pairings, a vatiety of cheese,  coffee, wine, crepes and more. 



EDIBLE Gardens harvest
17 april 2018

Gardening is of great importance at Baris, The lush green lawns and big trees have been established over the last three decades. Of late, there was an intense desire to expand the old vegetable patch into a spectacular formal edible garden.

The summer of '17-'18 produced an overwhelming harvest of fruit and vegetables.  At the Baris Monger you can find some of the preserved goodness like tomato chili chutney, jams, slow roasted cherry tomatoes and pesto.




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