our goats


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Baris is the home of a herd of beautiful Saanen goats.  Originating in the Saanen valley in Switzerland, these productive white beauties are the largest of the dairy goat family.  

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Our herd was sourced from a number of farms across South Africa and they easily adapted to life in the eastern free state, but then again...who wouldn't... Our Saanen's tasty milk is perfect for making cheese.  Besides producing delicious milk, the goats are also very friendly, extremely loving and surprisingly intelligent.  The goats provide all on Baris with hours of fun and laughter.  We love and cherish each goat.



We believe in holistic care for goats, aiming to understand and provide in their natural needs.  Our goats roam free on planted forage.  They enthusiastically respond to come to the parlor for milking time.  The ladies require a bit of grooming and a tender, loving hand.  Kidding season brings tons of excitement and hard work yearly.  Our hand raised kids demands lots of attention, and boy do they love it.  Guaranteed you will fall in love with this friendly bunch of fluffy kids in no time.