our cheese

Soft and fresh, aged and stinky, we love them all.  The ancient tradition of making cheese is such a humble and wonderful way of preserving the goodness of milk.  All our cheeses are made with 100% goats milk. 



A fresh soft goat’s milk cheese.  This is a very versatile cheese.  It has a fresh, clean taste.  Add your choice of herbs and spices. And use it on pizzas, in souffles, salads, cakes, as frosting, or simply on a cracker...the sky is the limit. 



Goat’s milk brings a unique flavour and aroma to this popular style of cheese. This salty, creamy cheese is perfect for salads, on pizzas and in quiches.



This special cheese was lovingly named after our beloved Staffordshire terrier. It is a rich, soft, ashed, surface ripened cheese. The perfect addition to an exquisite cheese platter. Vliedermaus was awarded SA Champion at the SA Dairy Championships in 2018 & 2019.



Another well known and classic cheese.  Our camembert has a rich, buttery yet milky taste. During the 2019 SA Dairy Championships, our camembert was awarded 2nd place.



A classic and well known favourite, prepared traditionally. It has a rich, earthy, nutty taste and oozy texture. Hero it on its own, serve it with onion marmalade or add it to your favourite pizza!


Baris Tomme

A semi-hard, very tasty cheese with a natural rind.  Perfect for cheese platters, gourmet burgers, toasties, it.  True to its artisan nature each wheel has a unique flavour.  Spices, like cumin, are also added to some of the wheels to give it just that extra special taste.



Made in the traditional style of folding and adding dried mint; harvested from our own gardens.  This is a real crowd pleaser.  Grill it in a pan with butter or on the open fire, serve with freshly squeezed lemon juice.  Use it as a snack, starter or as a meal in a salad. Our Halloumi with mint received 3rd place at the 2019 SA Dairy Championships.