Baris Monger is a small deli-esque restaurant which showcases all products made on the farm. From here we sell our cheese and farm made condiments.

We offer tastings or platters of our farm made cheese, paired with local delicacies and fine wine. New to our menu this season is a cheese and wine pairing, you’ll get to taste our cheese and 5 Weltevrede wines.

At the Baris Monger you will also find espresso based beverages, farm made lemonade and ginger beer. For the sweet tooth we offer THE BEST cheesecake as well as French style crepes.

Goats produce milk for approximately 305/365 days. For about 2 months they are on “maternity leave”. During this time Baris Monger closes for short while to rest, renew and prepare for a new and exciting season. We will be open again in August.