the farm.

The farm is situated 10km from Clarens in the picturesque Eastern Free State. Everything that happened on Baris since 1989, all the buildings, more than 100 trees being planted, the ever expanding garden was in expectation and preparation of something bigger.  For us, Baris is a place where birds are welcome, trees and plants invite you to walk and listen and where every season captures you with its beauty.  We longed to share Baris with more than just family.  Part of the dream was converting the old sandstone milking parlour into a guesthouse, this renovation became a reality in 2015.


The fertile soil and abundant rainfall provides the ideal place to keep animals and plants very happy.  This naturally led to diverse farming possibilities.  In 2016 Baris welcomed a herd of dairy goats, Koekoek chickens, and the first sheep.

the people.

Baris is a family owned and managed farm.  A third generation is now exploring the opportunities that farming could provide in the cultures of today.  With the help and experience of previous generations, youthful enthusiasm as well as the knowledge and technology of today, we hope to develop the full potential of the land and local community.